Todd Crandell, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

Providing Innovative & Unique Approaches in Prevention & Treatment



Todd Crandell has dedicated his personal and professional life to assisting those battling addictions and destructive behaviors. He knows firsthand the importance of attaining and sustaining sobriety through a balanced holistic lifestyle.

  • Bachelor Of Business Degree From Lourdes College
  • Master Of Counseling Degree From Spring Arbor University
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor With Supervision Designation
  • Licensed Independent Clinical Dependency Counselor With Clinical Supervision Status

His own 13-year struggle with drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed his life, devastating relationships with family and friends and shattering the promise of a professional hockey career. Through his pursuit of physical fitness and personal well-being, he found a productive outlet for his once-negative energies, transforming himself into a world-class athlete and champion for sobriety. By sharing his personal experiences about the perils of substance abuse, Todd Crandell offers a positive alternative to those struggling to overcome a life of addiction and self-destruction.

Todd Crandell, The Original Sober Triathlete, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor LPCC-S) and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC-CS), has dedicated his personal and professional life to helping substance abusers re-channel their destructive behaviors into positive, life affirming action. by sharing personal stories about the perils of substance abuse, best practices in prevention and how to lead a holistic lifestyle, crandell offers a positive alternative to those struggling to overcome a life of addiction.

In his pursuit of recovery, he applied his energy to pursue the most grueling sport imaginable, the ironman™ triathlon: a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. Todd ran his first triathlon in 1999 and has never looked back. He has since completed over 100 Ironman® and Ultraman events and has chronicled his powerful mental and physical journeys in his books and documentaries. These tools lay the foundation of Todd’s intensive out-patient group that focuses on the emotional issues and low self-esteem that leads to a choice to drug use or self-harm and how to attain and sustain sobriety through a balanced and holistic lifestyle. Todd’s story has also been highlighted in the award-winning documentary Pure Euphoria.

During the process of rebuilding his life, Todd realized traditional recovery programs weren’t always enough to help people refocus their addictive drives into positive actions that break the abuse cycle. His experiences and inspirational efforts led to the formation of Racing for Recovery in 2001. A multi-faceted empowerment group, racing for recovery offers weekly support group meetings that are available to everyone who has been affected by addiction, which includes both the individual who is suffering from the choices of using drugs and their friends and families, along with the public at large.

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