Creating Todd Crandell – Paperback



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I share my reality because there are countless individuals who will
never have the chance to shed light on the dark corners where
hopelessness reigns.

As you witness my journey of self-healing, I want you to hear the
silent testimonials of those who never found their way out—the ones
who remained unhealed, the ones who saw no other escape but to
end their own lives.

While I may not have won an IRONMAN race, I consider myself
a winner, because I have triumphed over life’s obstacles, defying
expectations and rewriting my story from bottom to top. On paper,
success may have seemed out of reach, but paper can be torn, so I
tore through those limitations and forged my own path.

As you delve into this book, I hope you’re inspired to pursue your own
journey of resilience and triumph because I wholeheartedly believe
that YOU CAN.