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Check the schedule for a full list of holistic activities offered to our clients. *Support group meetings are open the public.

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Healthy Start • Healthy Start is just that! A body-based modality to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and a healthy start to the day. This group empowers healing from the inside out – body, mind, and spirit – while offering several options that include Pilates, Crossfit, weight-lifting, and cardio, followed by a healthy and nourishing smoothie – to tailor-make the ideal morning routine, and help to prepare for a full day of healing.


Intensive Outpatient Groups • Our Intensive Outpatient Program is comprised of psychoeducational group therapy, coupled with individual therapy and case management, to teach interpersonal skills, emotion-regulation skills, and pro-social coping skills. This groups teaches how to uses our Ten Lifestyles, and how to make the Four Big Choices that are necessary to attain and sustain sobriety, while creating a social environment needed to heal from the underlying root causes that led to maladaptive behaviors of substance abuse. This level of care provides an array of group and individual services that develop internal motivation to build the healthy, balanced, holistic, sober lifestyle that everyone deserves.


Staying Alive • Childhood trauma and other attachment wounds often lead to low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and severe stress-responses to emotions that need to be healed. This mental health group takes a solution-focused approach to the self-harming and self-destructive thoughts and behaviors that are often co-occurring with substance use. This group educates using self-empowerment to repair our internal narrative to live the life we deserve.


Healthy Boundaries • This group therapy provides education on what boundaries are, how boundaries may have become loose or rigid due to traumatic experiences, and how to build self-confidence and assertive communication skills to enhance positive, respectful, and mutually fulfilling relationships in recovery. This group provides strategies and techniques to develop self-esteem to set, and stick to, healthy boundaries that are necessary for sustained sobriety.


Health & Wellness • This holistic group provides a wide array of emotion-regulation education, skills-building, and interactive options for enhancing mindfulness and a sense of belonging. This group often utilizes yoga, kinesiology, meditation, nature, and breathwork to create a deeper sense of connection to self – a primary facet that needs to heal when in recovery from substance use. Therapeutic wellness and energetic transformation modalities are a powerful way to overcome blocks in the healing process. Releasing the blockages allows the body to assimilate to healing with the services received through the Racing for Recovery program.


Peer-Led Support Groups • Building altruism and support, our peer-led support groups develop the healthy, sober, social environment that an individual needs in sobriety. Our support groups are open not only to the person in recovery, but to friends, family, community partners, children, and anyone that wants to be a part of the solution to addiction. Our support groups provide the safe space needed to open damaged lines of communication, genuine empathy, and allows the gifts that sobriety offers to come alive.


Parenting & Family Dynamics • This psychoeducational group provides a deep dive into how to heal the family dynamics that are damaged in addiction. This group educates on communication skills, conflict-management, and how to heal the parent-child relationships using Partners in Parenting tools, an evidence-based approach to Parenting in recovery from substance use.


Bedford Alliance Church Group • This group assists in building external supports and resources within the community to develop and heal the spiritual self. With the support of case management, we help to create lasting connections in the community with an area church to help sustain the spiritual support needed for a life of balanced sobriety.


Nutrition • This group educates on how important it is to start fueling our bodies with healthy, plant-based meal options. Educating on techniques and methods needed to prepare healthy meals, while teaching methods to shop and plan, helps to assist building independent living skills for the person in recovery. This group simultaneously educates on how to be mindful of developing self-sufficiency skills by meal-planning on a feasible budget.


Sober Fun Family Night • The whole family heals at Racing for Recovery! This interactive group empowers families to come together through recreational and social therapeutic approaches, while providing a safe space for the family unit to heal, while developing a long-lasting sober family.

Proven Solutions.

Creating Balance and Purpose through Positive Alternatives

Counseling Services.

Racing for Recovery™ provides the tools to understand why addiction has control over you and how you can overcome it. Pinpointing the trauma, predispositions, and other factors associated with addiction will arm you with the knowledge and power to change for the better.

Support groups.

Anyone affected by addiction is invited to join in the discussion at our weekly Racing for Recovery support group meetings. Topics of discussion include substance abuse issues, recovery, exercise, and leading a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Educational Wellness.

We offer Educational Wellness (IOP) through the Intensive Outpatient Therapy & Outpatient Therapy programs. Meeting topics of discussion include substance abuse issues, recovery, exercise and leading a healthy and productive lifestyle.


Every Thursday, 6:30pm to 7:30pm EST