Support Groups

Maintain Sobriety by Interacting with Family & Friends

Anyone effected by addiction is invited to join the discussion at any of the Racing for Recovery™ support group meetings.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “an estimated 22 million American’s are classified with

[one form or another of] substance dependance or abuse…”

The unique nature of Racing for Recovery’s support group meetings is that they offer recovering addicts the setting to calmly interact with other individuals going through the same recovery process, as well as with family and friends who wish to be part of the healing process. This allows alternative perspectives to be constructively shared. Also, by establishing a dialog between those seeking to recover and their supporters, Racing for Recovery’s experienced facilitators are able to bridge the gap that has grown out of the conflict inherent to anyone with an addictive personality and those closest to them.

A key factor in the success of every Racing for Recovery™ support group meeting is the experience of its facilitators. They have a first-hand knowledge of what an addict goes through, because they have gone through it themselves, achieved a lifestyle of recovery, obtained an education, believe in helping others achieve sobriety and giving back to their community.

Visit one of the Racing for Recovery™ support group meetings near Sylvania, Ohio.

Other Support Group Options Include:

  1. Contributing to the Conversation for Recovery Online
  2. Chat for Recovery Online
  3. Contact Racing for Recovery™ to establish a local support group

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The Racing for Recovery Achievement Award is presented each year to those individuals who have actively utilized, implemented and shared with others the Racing for Recovery philosophy of living a holistic lifestyle.

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