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Team Racing for Recovery

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Team Racing for Recovery™ is a community of individuals from across the world who believe that “With Sobriety, Anything is Possible.”

It is your private community for contributing to the Conversation for Recovery.

Interact openly, honestly and in real-time with familiar social media functionality in this Team Community.

Our members include men and women of all ages, education levels and backgrounds, recovering addicts, their friends and family, students, volunteers, community leaders, business owners and athletes – All of whom, whether personally effected by addiction or otherwise, notice its negative impact and want to be part of a movement to promote change and positive alternatives within their communities.

The foundation of a Team Racing for Recovery™ membership is built on communication and a continued conversation about how to help each other. This online support community allows people from around the world to share their stories, look to others for support and provide feedback to any other member who asks for it.

Contribute to the Conversation for Recovery

Participating in real-time conversations on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube expands your access to the Team Racing for Recover resources into the social media realm.

You may also wish to join the Team Racing for Recovery™ conversation at the other social media links above.

Nominate Your Choice as Achievement Award Recipient

The Racing for Recovery Achievement Award is presented each year to those individuals who have actively utilized, implemented and shared with others the Racing for Recovery philosophy of living a holistic lifestyle.

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