Motivational Speaker, Todd Crandell LPCC-S LICDC-CS

Todd Crandell, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervision Designation (LPCC-S) & Licensed Independent Clinical Dependency Counselor with Clinical Supervision status (LICDC-CS), is a regular guest speaker for school districts, jail systems and detention centers, drug treatment facilities, businesses, organizations and community events nationwide.

By conveying his life experiences as someone who has been to the depths of despair, battled addiction, contemplated suicide, destroyed relationships with his family and friends, and then did the work it takes to recover, Todd Crandell is able to form a connection with the audiences he speaks to. Audiences take his message as coming from a credible source and someone who relates to their unique situations.

Maintaining Sobriety by Making Good Choices

Todd’s thirteen years of addiction where full of bad choices that he is lucky to have survived – Hearing his story, you will see how hard work, dedication, passion, perseverance and having the loving support of friends and family will help you make the choice to remain sober.

Racing for Recovery™ has expanded its public speaking reach to include fitness institutions, triathlon clubs, collegiate athletic department, recovery based treatment providers and community centers.

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