Substance Abuse Disorders Treatment

Racing for Recovery’s Peer Support Model Is Effective in Driving Sustained Recovery from Addiction, As Indicated by These Excellent Outcomes

Racing for Recovery™ offers individual counseling and support group meetings to those battling substance use disorders, their close friends and family.

Additionally, through popular social media outlets, a live chat tool and the Team Racing for Recovery community forum, individuals are able to contribute to the conversation for recovery online and in real-time.

What Differentiates Racing for Recovery’s Methodology?

    1. The treatment philosophy is built on the growing body of research and literature that recognizes the correlative relationship between fitness, physical health and sustainable recovery from substance abuse and mental health disorders…
    2. The actions of those abusing alcohol and illicit substances, including prescription medication, has a substantial effect on those closest to them. Including those family members and close friends into a supportive recovery process establishes recognition of the importance of recovery for everyone, as well as positively contributes to the long-term sustainability and health of the addict…
    3. The passion to help others, understanding, compassion and empathy that Racing for Recovery™ practitioners and support group facilitators display are born out of their own personal experiences with addiction, formal education on substance use disorders, personal and holistic growth…

The custom resources to begin healing from our emotional traumas that lead to addiction while simultaneously building a balanced holistic lifestyle that includes physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual…

Racing for Recovery™ is currently working toward expansion of treatment services in Ohio. These services are to include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Services (IOP)
  • Expanded support group locations
  • Lifestyle Center for Holistic Recovery (planning stages)

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The Racing for Recovery Achievement Award is presented each year to those individuals who have actively utilized, implemented and shared with others the Racing for Recovery philosophy of living a holistic lifestyle.

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