Old Fort Local Schools — Referral

“I would highly recommend Todd Crandell and his message to any school serving middle school and/or high school students. His message is powerful, personal, and relevant to these students and the challenges they face at this point in their…” +

Seneca East Speaking Recommendation

“…The students were inspired by your story and motivated by your passion. The work you are doing is making an incredible impact with our youth. It is past time that we get honest about…” +

Don Vogt, Principal — Recommendation

“Todd has such a strong message that is sure to resonate with your students like it did for ours. His question and answer session with the kids gives them the opportunity to learn from..” +

Professional Testimonial

As I listened to your personal story I was impacted by your internal strength and your support system of God, family and friends that guided you through the hard times… +

Support Group Member

I thank you Todd, Matt, and Emily for showing me a different path and a new light. I needed this in my life. Day 45. Smile emoticon — I couldn’t have done this without the support I receive from… +

A Student’s Feedback

Hey i just wanted to let you know what an awesome job you are doing…I have never experienced the things you have but I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a great thing.. +

Thank You, On Behalf of the Dynamic Youth Center

On behalf of the staff and program members of Dynamite Youth Center (DYC), in Brooklyn, NY, let me extend our sincerest thanks for accepting our invitation and delivering the most compelling, heartfelt, and uplifting presentation ever offered. In providing feedback, the members spoke of your “relatability”, your humor, of being “real,” and of talking to and with them with respect and understanding. +