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All too often, individuals make bad choices in life, because they did not receive the right guidance or advice from a peer or someone they looked up to and respected. In a perfect world, every child would learn, from an early age at home, how to make the right choices and avoid the pitfalls associated with alcohol and drug abuse. Unfortunately, this does not always happen and it is sometimes left to others to connect, educate and inspire a healthy lifestyle in others.

By conveying his life experiences, Todd Crandell is able to form a true connection with the audiences to whom he speaks. His story reaches thousands of adolescents, adults, addicts and those in recovery, or supporting someone in recovery, every year.

Todd Crandell is a Professional Counselor (PC) and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor (LCDC III) and regular guest speaker at venues across the country.

His thirteen years of addiction where full of bad choices that he is lucky to have survived — Hearing his story, audiences are exposed to the benefits of hard work, dedication, passion, perseverance and having the loving support of friends and family, as well as how to avoid drugs and alcohol in order to obtain and maintain the quality of life everyone deserves.

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