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Exposing the Catalyst of Your Destructive Behavior

Emotional trauma, physical or sexual abuse, divorce, peer pressure, or another of many possible underlying causes of despair are often found to have been the catalyst for individual’s heading down the self-destructive path of alcohol and substance abuse. The road to recovery begins by determining what unique factors triggered this behavior.

Racing for Recovery™ utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach toward counseling. Since each persons’ situational and environmental factors differ, the foundational step in recovering includes establishing an awareness of the specific cause, or causes, and using that knowledge to change how a person is acting on them. Once you know what to focus on, continued counseling will help you maintain your direction.

Racing for Recovery™ counseling sessions keep you focused on combating the root cause of your behavior and arm you with the tools needed to successfully maintain lasting sobriety. By also establishing the understanding of a holistic lifestyle that includes family, friends, education, physical and mental health, spirituality, volunteerism and giving back to the community, you can achieve the life you deserve.

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