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Racing for Recovery Sponsor & Partner Opportunities

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Expanding the Reach with Complimentary Services

By partnering with Racing for Recovery™ your organization will help provide the exposure necessary to expand support groups and recovery services across the country, as well as become viewed as a valuable resource for leading community awareness and betterment initiatives.

Support Marketing Efforts

A primary goal of Racing for Recovery™ is to create community awareness. Distributing program information within our communities and obtaining resources are a major source of support. Materials are provided by Racing for Recovery™. — Volunteer Now!

Contribute Monetarily

Sponsorship and monetary contributions are the means by which Racing for Recovery™ is able to continue its efforts in supporting positive alternatives for those whose lives have been affected by substance abuse. Through your contributions, we can continue to bring awareness to our communities. — Donate Now!

Facilitate Support Group Meetings

Our support group meeting facilitators serve as a guide to ensure meetings remain focused on the mission of Racing for Recovery™. We draw on our own experiences to support positive alternatives and encourage others to share their experiences and knowledge in an open forum setting. Facilitator training is offered for interested parties. All necessary materials are provided along with ongoing support through our monthly facilitator meeting. — Volunteer Now!

Host Race Series Events

As interests in hosting a Racing for Recovery™ athletic event increases, our Half Ironman™, Sprint Triathlon and 5/10K Walk/Run events bring the community together in an active manner, encouraging a lifestyle of health and fitness.


Many volunteers are required to make our race events a huge success for the community and athletes from across the nation competing on a course of personal endurance. Thousands of athletes, along with family members, attend these events, making it necessary for support, on and off the race course, as we strive to provide an event marked with the Racing for Recovery™ standard of excellence. — Volunteer Now!


Initiating a fundraising campaign in your local area not only provides funding for ongoing programs, but provides an avenue for community involvement and awareness. — Start Fundraising Now!

Nominate Your Choice as Achievement Award Recipient

The Racing for Recovery Achievement Award is presented each year to those individuals who have actively utilized, implemented and shared with others the Racing for Recovery philosophy of living a holistic lifestyle.

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