What Tools Would You Like To See Here?

December 22, 2015 in Team, Team Racing for Recovery by Team Admin

Please let us know what tools and/or functionality you would like us to make available to you here in the Team Racing for Recovery Community.

Leave your comments below. We look forward to hearing them all.

What Tools Would You Like To See Here?


  1. I would like to have the ability to instant message or email other team members individually. Also know when someone is on or not. It is a great service let’s improve on the existing greatness.

  2. After Ordering merchandice from the store can Racing for Recovery send an itemized e mail verification saying they have received the order and the date is is being shippe?The last two items I ordered, the viewing cart wasnt up to date and pay pal receipt said order unconfirmed. Thanks Ron

  3. An IM client would be great.

  4. An on call phone person would be another good idea

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What Tools Would You Like To See Here?

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