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December 22, 2015 in Team Racing for Recovery by Team Admin

Team Racing for Recovery™ is a community of individuals from across the world who believe that “With Sobriety, Anything is Possible.”

Our members include men and women of all ages, education levels and backgrounds, recovering addicts, their friends and family, students, volunteers, community leaders, business owners and athletes – All of whom, whether personally effected by addiction or otherwise, notice its negative impact and want to be part of a movement to promote sobriety, health and fitness, change and positive alternatives to addiction within their communities.

The foundation of a Team Racing for Recovery™ membership is built on open communication and a continued conversation with each other, about how to help each other. This free online support community will allow people from around the world to share their stories, look to others for support and provide feedback to any other member who asks for it.

Use this private community to speak freely and help each other maintain a commitment to living a sober life.

Contribute to the Conversation for Recovery


  1. Team Racing for Recovery is a great way to stay connected with individuals who are “like” you. Share your stories of addiction and sobriety and how this program has helped you.

  2. Healthy Racing for Recovery! I now have a 9 month year old boy and things have been great. Not a sip during pregnancy. However have been slipping latelt under the stress of looking for a new job and leaving baby. I dont know really how I allowed it to happen but has been on and off for a few weeks, Looking to my friends to bring me back with some words of wisdom, It is clear that I cannot even dabble with alcohol as it somehow goes horribly wrong. Your help getting back on track where I am happiest!

    • Hi Jan,
      I can relate for sure. I had years of sobriety and a few years of single motherhood was to say the least very stressful. I beat myself up for a long time but I am just now reaching back out for help. I know where the guilt gets me and its no where good. I am hoping to use racing for recovery as a medium to get me back into the healthy and clean lifestyle I had when I was happiest, Good luck to you.

  3. Hey Jan, glad u posted. ! I had 5 years sober and things were great! Then i got pregnant and that was good, but u struggled after the baby was about 5 months old. I started drinking alittle then it turned into more and more till i realized I was back in a crappy place! I feel your pain and wanted to tell u that u can quit drinking again! I started going to see Todd and going to a couple meetings and I got back on track with my sober lifestyle! Please keep trying and ask for help please!!

  4. Racing for recovery changed my life. I have been sober since mid September 2011, which is the longest since I was 21. Now I’m 29. I sincerely love and appreciate the support, encouragement and insight this group provides. With that… I say “Thank you Racing for Recovery!”

  5. Hello all,
    I just joined this group and thought I’d introduce myself. I am sober over 34 years, still attend AA, and am an addictions counselor myself for 32 years. I look forward to sharing with you all.

  6. Thank you for all your stories and inspiration.

  7. One of my favorite lines in the AA literature…”When we straighten out spiritually, we do so mentally and physically.” That has been my experience over the last 3 and 1/2 years. In February of this year, I decided I wanted to try a Triathlon. I haven’t done any sports in at least 20 years–except for the sport of scoring and addiction. I hired a Tri Coach (unbeknownst to me, she is a pro and her husband is in recovery) and off I went trying to learn 3 new sports. I just completed my 2nd sprint Tri and have three more scheduled for this summer. It’s been a amazing and spiritual journey for me. It brings me closer to the type of people I want to be around and ultimately, my HP. What a blessing.

    I just finished reading your book and had to immediately find you and this community. I live in Austin, one of the fittest cities in the US, and would love to spread the word on this organization. Not sure how I can help though.

  8. Jeff said: On June 27, 2012

    So good to see some comments and info being shared here. We are “friends”. If anyone is coming to an event in NW Wisconsin or the Minneapolis area, I will offer you a free place to stay in a fun town w/ lots of things going on and some amazing meetings. Men, Women, whatever, there are people here that will welcome you!

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Contribute to the Conversation for Recovery

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