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December 22, 2015 in Team Racing for Recovery by Team Admin

Contribute to the Conversation for Recovery. Interacting via social media enables you to share, in real-time, your ideas, provide feedback, stay up-to-date with the latest news and make valuable connections with other Team Racing for Recovery™ members.

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Be Social for Recovery


  1. Please share this section of our website as we want to hear from all of the success stories you have. This is a great way to communicate with like minded people who are all impacted by addiction and can share the “how to’s” of attaining and sustaining sobriety.

  2. Glad to be sober and sane today. Glad to be fit, free and happy.
    Racing wasn’t my sole solution for my addiction (alcohol was my thing). It came about as part of recovery program. Out of a realization of what my life had become and an overwhelming sense of contrition, I found myself in a 12 step program. My body’s response to “cold turkey” withdrawal of alcohol was my second heart attack. I was 41. As soon as my cardiologist permitted it, I made fitness a part of my recovery triad. I had to get my mind, body and spirit some healing. That was almost 9 years ago.
    I began a regimen of jogging and weight training. I liked biking but only had a beat up, old big box store mountain bike.
    In my first year of recovery, I completed a few 5k’s and a sprint triathlon. That sprint tri was tough. The bike I had wasn’t up to the task of racing, nor was my run. I also discovered I couldn’t swim hardly at all. 400M might as well have been 100 miles. So I back burnered triathlon and worked on my run. I changed my goal to a half marathon by the end of my first year. Completing that race mid-pack was huge for me considering only 9 months earlier, I was so sick from alcohol and I had to have my heart kick started. The rest as they say is history which I will be sharing at a later time.

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Be Social for Recovery

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